Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

Scalable and Secure Testing

Cross-browser compatibility testing is a crucial stage in the QA process in order to detect unnoticed errors across a wide variety of browsers and operating systems so developers can see how their apps render in a variety of environments. Traditionally, cross-browser testing meant maintaining your own set of OS images and firing up each one to test your website manually – a process that was time-consuming and error-prone. Many developers overcame this by setting up their own automated test grids, but that still leaves the overhead of maintaining and updating a huge collection of browser versions and platforms. That’s where Sauce Labs comes in.

Sauce Labs' robust cross browser testing solution offers over 650 browser and OS combinations so you can test your apps across all the platforms that your customers use. Add to that our debugging tools and you can shorten your test times to speed your apps to market.

Why use Sauce Labs for cross browser compatibility testing?

  • Designed for testing in a CI workflow with a focus on reliability and scale, so you can go to market faster.
  • Accelerate automated testing across over 500 browsers and operating systems.
  • Identify test failures quickly with screenshots, video recordings, and detailed logs.
  • Boost test capacity minus the hassle of managing infrastructure.
  • Run Selenium and Appium tests on the Sauce Labs cloud to extend your testing coverage.

Come see how you can speed your testing on the secure and reliable Sauce Labs Automated Testing Cloud.

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