Cross Browser Compatibility

Test and Review Applications Across Browsers

Applications often behave differently on different browsers, therefore testing them on a single web browser is not enough. With users accessing web applications using browsers on laptops, tablets, phones and even cars, you have to test your app across all of these to ensure it works properly. However, the old way of manually testing apps across browsers won't allow you to keep up with changes in your app and the frequent updates to the browsers.  So you need  to automate the process.

Automate the process of testing your app for UI bugs across multiple browsers and devices – with Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs provides a hosted collection of browser versions on our CI-ready testing platform including : FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. We support Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS so you can test across more than 650 combinations.

Useful features such as videos of each test run and screenshots help you identify bugs,and get your app into the market faster.

Get the Sauce Labs Advantage:

  • Gain access to our highly secure, scalable, and reliable automated testing platform.
  • Run parallel tests to reduce testing time.
  • Eliminate infrastructure maintenance costs, with on-demand VMs, simulators, and emulators.
  • Deliver unprecedented security ensuring your apps and data are not compromised.

Instantly test your site for cross browser compatibility on 800+ browsers/OS platforms. Sign up for a free trial today.