Cross Browser Automated Testing

Ensure That Your App Works for Every OS/browser Combo Out There

Making sure that your app works for every user is crucial, whether for enterprise or general consumer apps. Maintaining the kind of comprehensive, in-house testing grid, and the manpower to maintain it, is very expensive and time-consuming. With automated Selenium and Appium app testing, Sauce Labs provides the level of comprehensive testing that every app developer demands - and for a reasonable price.

Whether you're on Windows, Macs or Linux, Sauce Labs has the infrastructure to cover it. With over a million tests run every day in our secure data center, Sauce Labs can handle the testing needs for every organization. Bring your tests to Sauce, regardless of the language you developed your scripts in; Selenium can read them all and you'll be running automated tests in no time.

Sauce Labs is the best cross browser automated testing service because we offer:

  • Coverage - 700+ browser/OS combos means you can test your app across all the browsers you customers use
  • Speed - test in parallel to reduce testing time by up to 10x
  • Security - Sauce Connect and pristine VMs make the security of your data ensured

Get started with your cross browser testing with Sauce Labs today with a free trial!