Cross Browser

Scalable, Cloud Testing Platform

The increase in the number of applications developed for both Web and mobile platforms has accelerated the need for more rapid testing prior to release. With browsers constantly being updated with new OS versions releasing regularly, keeping your testing up-to-date can be difficult. Despite all these changes your organization still requires more cross-browser / cross-platform testing, faster debugging, and quicker release cycles to ensure better quality apps.

Sauce Labs is the leading cloud-based web and mobile application testing platform. Run Selenium tests across hundreds of browser and OS combinations in minutes to verify that your app works on the platforms your customers are using. We offer complete diagnostic tools including videos and complete logs of your tests so you can more quickly troubleshoot your code and get your apps released faster. Because all the browsers and Oses are in our cloud, you no longer have to worry about the maintenance and cost of supporting your own Selenium grid in house.

Run functional tests written with Appium and Selenium across more than 600 browsers, OS, device, and platforms.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Diagnostics - test results with screenshots, videos, and log files that help developers identify bugs faster and release higher quality software faster.
  • Cross-platform support for web and mobile apps.
  • Data security - we use pristine, new VMs for every test so no residual data or temp files remain that could cause false positives.
  • Supports iOS and Android native, hybrid, and mobile web app testing
  • Write and execute Selenium or Appium tests in your choice of language to automate your tests.

Sauce Labs offers a robust, reliable, and highly scalable cloud testing platform. Sign up now and try for yourself.