Continuous Testing

Integrate Comprehensive Automated Testing Into Your CI/CD Workflow

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) is the process where code is developed, tested, and released automatically at any time. For this system to work, fast automated testing is an absolute necessity. Since testing is often the source of the production bottlenecks, having fast, comprehensive automated testing can have a huge impact on the release cycle. Using Sauce you can kick off a series of automated tests, vis your CI server, every time someone commits code. Sauce Labs runs over a million tests each day in their secure data center, so you can rest assured that we understand your testing needs and are always working on way to make it better.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based application testing service that utilizes the open source testing platforms Selenium and Appium for automated web and mobile testing, respectively. With Sauce Connect, our secure TLS technology, and VMs that are destroyed after every test run, the integrity and security of your data is ensured. After your tests are run we provide a comprehensive report, complete with Selenium and console logs, videos, screenshots, and metadata.

What makes Sauce Labs the best service for continuous testing?

  • Speed - reduce testing time up to16x by running your tests concurrently in the cloud
  • User-friendly - Selenium and Appium both employ the WebDriver API so you can develop test scripts in any language
  • Coverage - testing on over 700 different OS/browser combinations means your app will work for every user

Download the whitepage and see how continuous testing with Sauce Labs gets you the most out of your CI/CD workflow!