Continuous Integration Testing

Automated Testing: the key to Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration (CI) and automated testing are the pillars of Agile software development. You can't achieve the next level of continuous delivery without both CI and automated testing.  And, to be effective, your CI server needs to be integrated with your tests so that every time you make a code commit, you automatically kick off tests.  Only when your processes are integrated can you hope to release software rapidly - multiple times a day.   

For any Continuous Integration effort to provide value to an organization, test speed and reproducibility are instrumental. Lack of trust in test results, or slow turnaround times are the most common issue teams deal with when trying to make Continuous Integration a key component of their software development pipeline.

Sauce Labs can help because we automate your testing and integrate directly with your CI server. Our integrations are deep so that you can configure, execute and review tests all from within your CI server which makes your more efficient. 

For more details on Continuous Integration and Automated Testing, please check our guide on How To Get The Most Out Of Your CI/CD Workflow Using Automated Testing.