Continuous Integration Jenkins Selenium

Continuous Integration using Jenkins and Selenium

As a core component of Agile software development, Continuous Integration (CI) and automated testing using Selenium and Jenkins enable teams to iterate faster and ship software with higher quality. Sauce Labs was built by industry experts, with automation at its core and focusing first on high performance and test reproducibility.

For your Continuous Integration efforts to provide value to your organization, test speed and reproducibility are instrumental. By integrating deeply with the most popular CI servers including Jenkins, Sauce makes it easy to configure, manage and review test results right from within your  admin console.  This helps you release faster because your tests can be kicked off with every code commit and you never have to leave you App to see your results.  

For more details on Selenium and Sauce integrations with Jenkins, please check our guide on How To Get The Most Out Of Your CI/CD Workflow Using Automated Testing.