Continuous Integration

The core process of modern day software development

Developers want to achieve a state of continuous integration where development, testing and releases occur in a smooth, controlled process. However, functional testing is often the longest part of any CI process and due to the variability inherent in testing, it can lead to long delays in releasing applications.

Sauce Labs automated testing integrates with CI processes enabling you to accelerate software delivery by speeding up your app testing. Problems are detected earlier in the development process and resolved where it takes vastly less time then when errors are found in nearly final code.

Sauce Labs enhances Continuous Integration (CI) by:

  • Speed testing by integrating with the most popular CI servers
  • Accelerate your app deployment by automating testing as part of your CI process
  • Save money by testing in the Cloud
  • Sauce Lab’s CI ready platform supports reliable and secure automated testing, helping accelerate your apps to market. We have integrations with all the common CI servers that help you configure tests, establish security and record and review results.

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