Continuous Deployment

Automated Testing for Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment (CD) is a system where code is rapidly and safely created, tested automatically, and released for production on a continuous basis by always having code ready to be released. For this system to be possible, automated functional testing and unit testing are a necessity. As the most time-consuming aspect of the development process, automated testing has the potential to drastically speed up your release cycle; and relying on manual testing just isn't good enough in today's fast-paced application development environment. As the automated testing leader, Sauce Labs recognizes the testing demands that organizations face so we're always innovating new and improved ways to meet those demands and deliver better automated testing.

Sauce Labs utilizes open source platforms, Appium for mobile and Selenium for web apps, to deliver industry-leading app testing services. Since Selenium and Appium are both open source platforms you get the benefits of lower cost and the support of a large user community. Sauce Labs is a cloud-based service, and we securely integrate with common CI systems like Bamboo, Visual Studio, and Jenkins so that you can manage & analyze tests from right inside your CI server. Our technology allows you to orchestrate your tests from the safety of your own server, and keep your DevOps team in the loop the entire time.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your CD system?

  • Automate - run automated tests in parallel to kick off a suite of tests every time you commit
  • Versatility - Write your test scripts in any language and run Selenium and Appium tests directly
  • Coverage - 700+ different OS/browser combos provide confidence that your app will work for any user environment
  • Security - Sauce Connect encrypts traffic between your server and our test could to keep your data private

Download the whitepage and learn about how Sauce Labs can help you maintain a better CD system!