Continuous Delivery

Automated Testing for a True Continuous Delivery System

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a process where code can be rapidly and safely created, tested, and sent to production on a continuous basis; the goal is to always be ready to release the code at the push of a button. For this to be possible, automated functional and unit testing is a necessity. The testing phase is nearly always the most time-consuming part of a CD system, and manual testing just doesn't cut it in today's fast-paced app development environment. At Sauce Labs, we recognize the testing demands that organizations have and we're always developing new and better ways to meet those demands through our automated testing platforms.

Sauce Labs utilizes Selenium for web and Appium for mobile apps, to deliver industry-leading app testing services. Both Selenium and Appium are open source platforms which give you the benefits of lower cost and a large community for support. Sauce Labs is cloud-based and securely integrates with common CI systems like Microsoft Visual Studio, Bamboo, and Jenkins. This allows you to automate your tests from the safety and comfort of your own server to achieve CI/CD.

Why do you need Sauce Labs for your CD system?

  • Automate - run automated tests concurrently every time you make a commit
  • Coverage - test on over 700 different OS/browser combos so you know your app will work in any user environment
  • Versatility - Selenium and Appium both utilize the WebDriver API so you can write your script in any coding language and test it directly
  • Security - Sauce Connect encrypts traffic between your data and our test cloud so you can keep your resources private

Download the whitepage and see how Sauce Labs helps you maintain a better CD system!