Concurrent Tests Using Selenium

Push Quality Code out the Door, Faster

Transitioning from manual to automated testing often lends the question – is it sufficient to simply automate processes that were previously manual? Doing so will bring computer-speed to QA processes, but unless your automation framework is architected thoughtfully from the beginning, you may be missing out on some of Selenium’s most inherent advantages.

Serial execution of Selenium tests can linearly reduce testing time compared to its manual counterpart, but these short-term benefits quickly fall apart at scale and in an agile world. As an open-sourced automation tool, Selenium is flexible in its manner of execution. Architecting your framework to leverage parallelism from the onset will allow your organization to exponentially reduce testing time. With this rapid feedback to Developers and QA, teams can push quality code out the door, faster.

This is where Sauce Labs comes in. We support the world's largest testing cloud for Selenium and Appium:

  • Eliminate infrastructure maintenance - test on our over 800 browser / OS combinations
  • Security - our TLS tunnels let you keep your test scripts and data behind your firewall where they are safe while testing on our cloud
  • Speed - our average customer tests across 114 browser /os combinations in parallel so their tests run fast

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