Cloud Testing Selenium

Cloud-based Testing with Selenium

Selenium is an open source, automated testing suite for web applications and can be used across different browsers and platforms. Developed in 2004, Selenium has become the industry standard for automated web app testing. The idea behind Selenium is to let developers write scripts in any scripting language. Selenium's bindings will interpret those scripts and execute tests, automatically, freeing the developer up from time consuming and tedious manual testing. Testing can be done 80% faster using this methodology. 

Many companies begin testing by developing their own Selenium test grid. However, they soon find that the hassle of maintaining the grid, updating browsers and operating systems are far too time consuming. Sauce Labs offers the world's largest automated testing cloud for web and mobile applications that lets you run your Selenium tests on a massive parallel. The benefits of running Selenium tests in the cloud with Sauce Labs are:

  • Accelerate your tests by up to 10x
  • Test securely in the Cloud with instantly available virtual machines
  • Eliminate valuable developer time maintaining test infrastructure
  • Integrate and test directly from your CI server
  • Reduce the number of false positives
  • Debug faster with comprehensive results including videos, screen captures and metadata

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