Cloud Selenium

Running Selenium Tests in the Cloud

Selenium is an open source platform that makes the process of testing mobile and Web apps across multiple operating systems and browsers easy and efficient. With Selenium, you can write your test scripts in the language you are familiar with and Selenium has bindings to automate these tests. This enables QA teams and developers to reproduce how a person interacts with your web or mobile app by automating the process of filling in forms, clicking on images and links and verifying that certain images show up properly.

Is your development team struggling with manually testing? There is a solution: Sauce Labs runs the largest automated testing cloud for web and mobile applications. With Sauce Labs, you can run Selenium tests in the Cloud in massive parallelism. Our cloud instantly serves up pristine Concurrent Sessions to run your tests. This means that you can run your Selenium tests faster, releasing updates more often. In addition, your internal teams no longer have to spend time, money and resources maintaining infrastructure. So, your development team spends more time innovating and less time testing.

For more information on Selenium, download our Selenium Bootcamp guide TODAY and join the Sauce Labs revolution to a faster, better app.