Cloud Mobile Device Testing

Cloud Mobile Device Testing Requires Real Devices At The Ready

Modern mobile applications may have dependencies that necessitate that they only be tested on physical devices. As opposed to emulators and simulators that are virtual images mimicking mobile devices, a real device is just that, a physical device that the user can load their application on to for specific functional tests. Benefits of using a cloud offering that has many physical devices is two fold:

  • The devices all start with the same configuration
  • The user doesn't have to wait in a queue for a specific device type to become available
  • While testing, multiple device types can be tested in parallel so the entire testing process can be accomplished more rapidly.

If you test on a few devices lying around your lab, the challenges of getting consistent results is daunting.  There is the cost of the devices themselves but more, the challenges associated with maintaining them in a condition so that they are "test ready" means you spend much of your time maintaining devices. Having devices in an appropriate condition and in sufficient quantity insures that users do their testing and trust the results. 

Do your mobile testing in the cloud and fee yourself from maintenance and dead devices. Try Sauce Labs today!