Cloud Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing in the Cloud

Mobile app testing with the Cloud has become easier as standards have evolved and open source testing frameworks have been accepted.  With Appium, the standard for automated mobile app testing, you can develop tests using the language you know best and develop a single set of tests to run across emulators and real devices. 

With mobile devices being released at an accelerated rate, the number of mobile devices, Os versions and browsers means there are more combinations than ever that you need to test your apps against to make sure they are of high quality and bug-free. Apps also need to perform on web browsers just as well, which is another important aspect of cloud mobile testing. 

Enter Sauce Labs, we support the world's largest cloud for native, hybrid and mobile Web testing.  With our extensive list of emulators, simulators and browser /OS combinations, we have what you need to test against to ensure high quality apps.  Our selection means you can run all your tests in one place - greatly simplifying your testing plans and helping ensure test results consistency across your team.

Sauce is committed to furthering the ease of cloud mobile testing for all apps. Join our team and download the white paper, today!