Cloud App Testing

How Companies Perform Application Testing in the Cloud

How do companies write applications  and make sure it's quality code that is being promoted?  As a developer you can support at most a few browser / OS combinations on your system.  If you are in a large development organization, maybe you have a test grid setup that everyone can test against, but then you are spending precious budget on people to support your test grid - not to develop and improve your apps.   

Here at Sauce, you can test in our cloud and focus all your resources on developing apps.  We support modern CI/CD practices that mandate automated testing. And with Selenium testing we can help your accelerate your tests by up to 10x by testing in parallel.   As the leaders in Selenium testing we support the world's largest Selenium cloud that's available 24 x 7 for your testing needs.

The benefits include:
  • Reduce application delivery time especially on mobile devices
  • Promote agility and team satisfaction
  • Increase quality assurance and customer satisfaction

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