Cloud Android Emulator

Android Emulator Testing in the Cloud

Testing your Android app or website can be done manually on your laptop, but then you usually only have one or two emulators.  That's not enough devices to test against to ensure the quality of your app.  And, if you work in a large group, you need to make sure your peers are testing on the exact same emulator or else your tests and their test results won't match - creating even more work for you.  Then when you finally get your app just right, you probably want to test on a real device to make sure it's pixel perfect and doesn't conflict with other apps.  Enter Sauce Labs. With Sauce, you run your tests in the cloud - across emulators and real devices. And, your peers can run tests on the exact same emulators so you can be sure your tests will always match. This means fewer false positives, less time troubleshooting tests and faster releases.

At SauceLabs, you test on android emulators in our cloud to achieve fast, efficient testing results. Join Sauce with a FREE trial, today!