Cloud Android Device Testing

Cloud Android Device Testing

Is your development team ready to test your Android app? What if your developers could have been testing, correcting and improving elements at every stage of development? With Sauce Labs, you can! 

There are two tried and true ways to perform manual testing for Android: 

  • running an emulator on a PC, or 
  • running through consumer use patterns on a real Android device

Device testing tools are used to help mobile and website development easier and more efficient. Testing is necessary to make sure your website or application renders properly. In order to get a clear picture, you need app testing tools that work across multiple browsers, devices and platforms. Mobile devices don’t just emulate the desktop environment as they have unique screen sizes, functions and rendering requirements.  To get a perfect fast loading, bug free app, testing across a target set of Android devices is critical. 

To ensure Android app success you must not only have a quality app, but you must be able to very quickly respond to bugs. This means you need to be able to develop fast solutions to problems and test continuously. Android app testing can be complicated, as there are many different versions of the operating system across a wide variety of physical devices. 

Sauce Labs can help make Android look easy by creating an efficient testing system for your development team. Take the guesswork out of Android Device Testing. Join us today, get started with a FREE trial!