Ci Integration With Tfs

Integrating Sauce Labs with TFS as your CI platform

CI (Continuous Integration) and Automated Testing are core for Agile software development. Software teams use these, in addition to Selenium to release code faster and at a higher level of quality to increase the value their apps provide to their users. As instrumental attributes of a valuable Continuous Integration environment, speed of test results and reproducibility ensures your organization can leverage CI and TFS.

Built by experts in the industry for over a decade, Sauce Labs put its focus on test reproducibility, speed and performance. By optimizing these, our cloud service increases the value organizations get from Continuous Integration. With our easy-to-use Selenium TFS Plugin, Sauce Labs simplifies running automated tests via our cloud service, providing features that make scaling and test debugging easy and fast.

For more details on Continuous Integration and Automated Testing, please check our guide on How To Get The Most Out Of Your CI/CD Workflow Using Automated Testing.