CI Integration With Bamboo

Integrating Sauce Labs with Bamboo as your CI platform

Continuous Integration (CI) and automated testing are fundamental for implementing Agile software development. Selenium enables software teams to ship their code faster and build software that has high quality and a high value for their users. Sauce Labs was started by the developers of Selenium to address the issues of test reproducibility and high performance, our service increases your team's chances of getting the most from your CI workflow.

Test speed and reproducibility are instrumental for CI to have the biggest impact for your organization. And, only by automating testing can you hope to achieve CD / DevOPs workflows.

With pristine VMs for maximum repeatability of results, and our cloud testing platform for high concurrency and speed, Sauce Labs optimizes the development pipeline for the most value to your users. With our easy-to-use Selenium Bamboo Plugin, With our plugin, you can setup, manage, run and review test results all from within Bamboo so that you can test more efficiently.

For more details on Continuous Integration and Automated Testing, check our guide on How To Get The Most Out Of Your CI/CD Workflow Using Automated Testing.