Browser Testing Tools

Complete Web and Mobile Application Testing Tools

Do you need to test your app on the latest browser and OS versions, but find that maintaining your own in-house testing infrastructure is not cost effective? Since testing your app on outdated browser and OS versions just leads to more errors and bad customer reviews, you need to constantly update your test grid. What if you could get automated app testing, with the latest tools, on cutting edge infrastructure? With Sauce Labs you can!

Sauce Labs is the leading cloud-based app testing service, and offers automated testing (or manual testing when you need to) on hundreds of OS/browser combinations including the most recent versions of Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Write your tests in any language and integrate your CI system to call tests directly while maintaining your data security with our secure tunneling technology, Sauce Connect.

Why is Sauce Labs your best choice for app testing?

  • Take control - Test on over 700 browser / OS combinations that are instantly available in our cloud
  • Save time - run tests in parallel, automatically reducing testing time by up to 16x
  • Extensive feedback - get Selenium and console logs, full metadata reports, and a complete list of commands and responses

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