Browser Tester

Test Your App on the Most Recent Version of All the Popular Browsers

Are you frustrated testing your new app on outdated infrastructure? Is maintaining that infrastructure, with the latest OS and browser versions not cost effective? Testing your app during development and before release is essential, but maintaining in-house testing infrastructure is expensive and testing with outdated OS and browser versions leads to more errors poor performance. What if you could get affordable, automated app testing on the most up-to-date testing infrastructure? Well, now you can with Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based app testing service that offers automated testing (or manual testing if you prefer) on over 700 OS/browser combos including the most recent browser versions across Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. Sauce Labs also offers secure firewall tunneling with Sauce Connect so be sure your data is private.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your app testing?

  • Open-source - we use Selenium and Appium for web and mobile testing.
  • Save time - automated testing in parallel reduces your testing time by an average of 10x.
  • Full reports - get complete test logs including complete videos and screenshots of every test.

Start your 14-day free trial and start testing your app today!