Browser Test Automation

Automate Moar!

Long gone are the days of manual testing! In today's fast-paced world, development teams are under pressure to deliver quality web applications more quickly, and more frequently. With the advent of DevOps and the CI/CD workflow, testing must adapt to keep up with the accelerating pace of software development.

By automating functional tests for web applications, what was once a slow and manual process is now up to speed with the DevOps pipeline. By executing tests in open source frameworks like Selenium, you can run your entire suite of tests in minutes! Plug these tests into your CI/CD workflow, and you can rest assured that your web applications are not only being released more quickly, but also that they work across any browser and operating system that your users are running.

Learn more about how your CI/CD workflow can be optimized with the implementation of automated testing with this white paper. Topics covered include:

  • The technical approach to getting started with test automation
  • Tools to use in order to enable teams to successfully adopt automated testing practices as part of CI/CD workflows
  • Which tests to automated, and which to continue to do manually