Browser Simulator

People actually still use IE 6?!

You know your applications works on your machine's browser, and that's great! However, with the choices your users have in selecting and running browsers, you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered. Add on the fact that they are all running different operating systems underneath those browsers, and before you know it your head is spinning just thinking about test coverage!

Developers want to focus on building awesome apps, not testing them. That's where simulators can come in handy. Spin up a virtual machine right from your local host, and you can see your app from the eyes of your users. You can interact with elements, and debug whatever issues may come up. Better yet, you can automate your functional tests and run them in every configuration that your users are running.

There are a few services that provide browser simulation for testing, but none are more comprehensive than the Sauce Labs cloud. Boasting the world's largest testing infrastructure, you can run your tests on Sauce with the confidence that every configuration is covered, and every browser can be simulated in your own local environment.

  • Scale - we have the world's largest test cloud for running automated tests with over 750 browser / OS combinations
  • Mobile - we offer a deep selection of iOS and Android simulators and real devices
  • Security - Sauce Connect prox is our TLS tunnel that encrypts communication between your data and our cloud

Want to see if we cover your browser needs? Sign up for our 2-week free trial, and get testing today!