Browser Compatibility Testing Tools

Seamlessly Improve Website Performance

Your website needs to work across multiple browsers, mobile devices, or any other web browsing platform. How do you ensure your website or application will hold up in each of them?

To ensure your current site performs on the multitude of browsers, you need the right browser compatibility tools.

Enter Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs provides a CI-ready, secure testing platform that enables users to easily run functional tests written in Selenium or Appium. You can test on over 650 browser and OS options and you can test in parallel so your tests run in minutes rather than hours or days.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Highly-reliable, scalable and secure automated testing platform
  • Run parallel tests to reduce costs and time
  • Identify test failures quickly with screenshots, video recordings, etc
  • No false positives because of issues with older residual data on VMs from old tests, etc.

Scale your testing using your existing languages and frameworks with Sauce Labs. To learn more about our browser compatibility testing tools, schedule a free trial today!