Browser Automation

Open Source Automated Browser Testing

Do you need automated testing for you app, but worry that building and maintaining an in-house testing grid will be too expensive? Making sure that your testing grid is up-to-date with the latest browser and OS versions takes time away from core development and innovation. However, sacrificing testing and allowing your app to be released with errors means that users are likely to switch to a competitor's app. With Sauce Labs, you can get automated app testing for any app, with any size testing volume, to dramatically decrease your time-to-market and ensure that your app is bug-free.

Sauce Labs utilizes open source testing platforms, Appium for mobile and hybrid, and Selenium for web apps, to test your app in parallel and in the cloud. This means that you can write your apps and tests in any coding language, run the tests from your own servers, and test the code you release. We maintain pristine VMs and over 700 different browser/OS combos to ensure that your tests are thorough and fast.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your automated app testing?

  • Scalable - we run a million tests every day, so you know we can handle whatever testing volume you need
  • Fast - test in parallel to dramatically reduce your app testing time
  • Cost-effective - we maintain the most complete testing grid available, so you don't have to

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