Benefits Of Parallel Testing

Why Run One Test, When You Can Run Hundreds?

Selenium and Appium have been leading the way in the functional test automation revolution, but still remain a roadblock to many modern software development organizations. There are a number of different ways to speed up automated testing practices. Some teams attempt this by sacrificing coverage and running their tests in fewer configurations. Others don't update their test suite for fear of failed tests. However, neither of these seem to be a favorable answer.

Through parallelization, tests that used to run serially can now run all at once, thus solving the speed issue in automated testing. Execute your entire test suite in minutes, and run those tests in every browser, operating system, and device that your users are running. What used to take hours is now complete in minutes. Your team is happy because they're not hung up with waiting for testing, and your users love that they are using an app that works seamlessly across any configuration. Learn more about these, and other benefits of running your tests in parallel in this white paper.

Once you're ready to try your hand at concurrency, don't worry about building your own grid! Just plug your tests into the Sauce Labs cloud, and you will be running your suite in parallel, and testing at the speed of awesome!

  • Scale - we have over 700+ browser / OS combinations to test on in our cloud
  • Mobile - we have a deep selection of iOS and Android mobile simulators and real devices optimized for automated parallel testing
  • Open Source - we support Selenium and Appium for automated testing