Automation Testing Tools

Supercharge Your App Testing with Our Automated Testing Tools

Today's fast-paced app development environment demands that organizations create and deliver top-notch software faster to outpace the competition. Since testing your app is easily one of the most time-consuming aspects of the app development cycle, automating your app testing can expedite your release process and speed your time-to-market. For concurrent automated testing, we utilize the power of Selenium and Appium to supercharge your functional testing with Sauce Labs.

At Sauce Labs, we feature a scalable, cloud-based testing platform that enables devs to test their mobile and web apps on over 700 different combinations of the latest operating systems and browsers. By testing your app with our suite of automated testing tools and wide variety of browsers, you can deploy your web and mobile apps faster and with fewer bugs. Sauce Labs has you covered when it comes to analyzing your tests as well as provide extensive logs, screenshots and videos, so you can identify any issues quickly and easily.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Debug faster - identify errors quickly with instant video playback of all your tests.
  • Reduce testing time - run your tests concurrently in the cloud and to make hours of testing take mere minutes.
  • Eliminate infrastructure maintenance - eliminate the expense, time and lost productivity of supporting your own in-house testing grid.
  • Keep your data secure - our VMs are deleted after every test run, and Sauce Connect, our TLS tunnel, keeps your scripts and data secure during testing.

Sauce has all the tools for to speed your automated testing. Start your free trial today!