Automation Mobile Testing

Automated Appium Testing for Mobile Apps

Are you looking to reduce the time-to-market for your mobile app while still making sure it's bug-free? The ongoing explosion in the variety of mobile devices means that releasing your app fast and without errors is more important than ever. Since mobile apps have their own set of requirements, they aren't just desktop knock-offs. Manually testing your app is too time-consuming for today's development environment where time-to-market it key. Automated testing with Appium from Sauce Labs is the best way to guarantee your app is error-free in a fraction of the time, no matter what language you code your app in.

Appium is an open-source framework used by Sauce Labs to test mobile apps with scripts written in virtually any language. With Appium and Sauce Labs you can test your app concurrently to reduce test time and ensure that your mobile app is ready to go and error-free.

Why choose Sauce Labs and Appium?

  • Cloud-based - test your iOS or Android app automatically across a variety of simulators, emulators, and real devices.
  • Enterprise ready - massive scalability and account and team management lets you manage your tests across teams.
  • Security - test securely with Sauce Connect our TLS encrypted tunnel that secures your data

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