Automated Website Testing

Speed-up Your Test Cycles

Typically, testing is the last thing that developers think about.  As a result of the rush to test they only have time to manually test their web apps against a few browser combinations. As the number of browser and OS combinations that your visitors use increases, your ability to manually test against all those browsers disappears. The only way to keep up with the explosion of browsers, OSes and mobile devices is to automate your testing. This offloads testing from your devs - freeing them up to spend more time coding, and lets you test your apps across vastly more browsers than you ever could before. Enter Sauce Labs - we provide automated testing in the cloud to help reduce your testing time by up to 80%.

The Sauce Labs cloud-based testing platform lets you test your web and mobile apps across more than 700 browser and OS platforms in parallel, without setting up or maintaining infrastructure. Supporting functional testing with Selenium and Appium, we even integrate with your current CI server to make the testing process even faster. Sauce Labs allows you to:

  • Speed up test cycles and increase capacity without the hassle of managing infrastructure
  • Increase coverage of browsers and OSes you test against
  • Eliminate the time and expense of maintaining your own Selenium test grid

Make the best of our robust features such as videos, screenshots, and rich reporting logs to spend less time chasing down test failures and more time releasing great codes. Sign up for a free trial now.