Automated Web Application Testing

Make Sure Your App is Error-Free with Automated Selenium testing

Today's app development environment, whether mobile or web, demands error-free apps at every stage. Testing your app, and any subsequent updates, requires comprehensive testing - on every OS and browser version your users could possibly be using. Automated functional tests are key to ensure that your agile development teams can work quickly and keep pace with CI workflows. Running your Selenium tests through Sauce Labs is a great way to speed your testing across all the latest browsers / OS combinations.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based, comprehensive software testing service. Utilizing Selenium testing for web apps, Sauce Labs provides the testing infrastructure that your organization requires to ensure a smooth app release. Whether your test scripts are in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or C#, you can rest assured that you can run these with Selenium.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your automated web application testing?

  • Coverage - testing against 700+ OS/browser combos means you know your app is bug-free
  • Speed - concurrent testing gets your app testing done up to 10x faster
  • Security - secure firewall tunneling for secure communication with your CI server

Start your automated web application testing with Sauce Labs today!