Automated Tests

Running Automated Tests

Test automation is critical if you are going to release your apps often. To stay competitive, you need to release your software often - as frequently as multiple times per day.  How do you learn about the best practices for test automation?  Partner with Sauce Labs and take the guesswork out of what tests works and what practices don't. Why play a guessing game when you have experts literally at your fingertips? 

Save time and money with automated tests. Running tests at the end of a development cycle, manually, is just not going to cut it in today's fast-paced digital age. Whether you retrofit your existing code with tests or make test automation a requirement for all future development, it's a good investment.

Catch more bugs, faster, with automated testing. Repetitive tasks like manual testing numb the mind and invite mistakes. Testers slowly become less focused on their task, and more likely to let defects slip through. But a computer isn't affected by this phenomenon. So automation ensures that each test is rigorously executed every time.

Read our whitepapers and feel confident running automated tests throughout your development cycle. 

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