Automated Testing Tools

To Achieve Software Quality Assurance

Software testing at scale is crucial to the success of software development. Although test engineers check for defects and rectify them before releasing the product to production, there are chances for bugs to reappear in subsequent updates even with the best manual testing processes. With the increasing complexity of software development, developers can no longer depend on manual testing tools alone and need to use automated testing tools.

Automated software testing tools increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of your software testing. They help shorten your development cycles, do away with repetitive routines, and help improve software quality.

Sauce Labs is an automated testing platform that allows you to run tests in the cloud on more than 700 different browser and OS combinations. You get access to our always-ready test infrastructure for running Selenium or Appium tests.

With no setup or maintenance required, Sauce Labs lets you run tests automatically, in parallel so you can reduce test times speeding your apps to market.

Benefits of using Sauce Labs includes:

  • Test across over 700 browsers and platforms – Web and mobile apps using Selenium or Appium.
  • Scale your mobile testing – Supports both iOS and Android mobile app testing.
  • Integrate with CI systems - Integrates with Travis, Jenkins, and Bamboo so you don't have to change your processes.
  • Faster development – Increases developer productivity by 80%. Test more threads in parallel to speed up your testing, and spend less time debugging using features like videos and screenshots
  • Security – Secured with SSL/TLS, Sauce Connect lets you test your apps behind your firewall as well as access files and resources.

Sauce Labs makes scaling, running, and debugging test suites easier than ever, saving you time and money. Start your free trial today.