Automated Testing Tool

Fix Bugs and Defects as they Occur

Users are more demanding than ever, and rejecting apps that are not up to standards. And, the increased complexity of apps today demand fast and thorough testing for bugs. This means you need to be testing continuously so you can catch and fix bugs as soon as they appear. Developers need automated testing tools to increase the effectiveness of testing. Shorten your development cycles, eliminate repetitive routines, and improve software quality with Sauce Labs.

Sauce Labs delivers cloud-based automated testing tools, which lets you run tests on different browser platforms, OS and devices. Run your Selenium, Appium or JavaScript unit tests across more than 650 different combinations of browsers, OSes and mobile devices all in parallel. Our highly reliable and scalable automated testing platform helps organizations sweep aside the time-consuming and error prone manual testing to keep pace with your agile and CI workflows.

With no infrastructure to setup or maintain, Sauce Labs provides ondemand testing in the cloud, enabling you to test as often as you release.

Benefits of using Sauce Labs includes:

  • Faster testing enabling repeatability to identify regressions immediately
  • Eliminate Infrastructure costs
  • Increased Scalability with parallelization and more VMs.
  • Support for both iOS and Android mobile web app testing

Sauce Labs automated testing tools easily integrate with CI systems - Travis, Jenkins, and Bamboo - ensuring the development process is simple. Start your free trial today.