Automated Testing Framework

Automated Selenium Testing for Web Apps

Testing your web or mobile app is a top priority for producing the kind of bug-free app users expect. Developing your own in-house automated testing grid is a great asset, but it's expensive to maintain, and most companies are unwilling to give their devs the time to ensure their system has the latest versions of everything. Having the latest versions of iOS, Android, Chrome, etc. is vital to accurate app testing; so let Sauce Labs do the hard work for you.

Sauce Labs maintains the most comprehensive cloud-based app testing framework in the world. Over 700 OS/browser combos, combined with the Beta versions of web browsers means we have the platform to ensure that your app is error-free and will wrk for every user.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your automated testing framework?

  • Speed - concurrent testing means your testing cycle is done in minutes instead of hours
  • Coverage - testing against over 700+ browser / OS comtinations to ensure the quality of your app
  • Security - secure firewall tunneling with Sauce Connect, and clean VMs keep your data secure

Start your app testing with our automated testing framework today!