Automated Testing Continuous Integration

Integrate your Automated Testing with Continuous Integration Servers

Today, software development teams are asked to delivery new applications and updates faster than ever before. Whether your goal is Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD) or DevOps, chances are one of the business drivers is to deliver applications faster. One of the major bottlenecks in achieving these initiatives is testing. Traditional testing is notoriously tedious, manual and slow. To achieve true Continuous Integration (CI), your organization will have to make the shift to automated testing.

One of the most efficient ways to achieve Continuous Integration is to make sure that your build is always stable. To do that, you will need to test early and test often. That means running a series of tests on every pull request so the main branch is always stable. The only way to do this efficiently is with automated testing.

Sauce Labs runs the world's largest automated testing cloud for web and mobile applications and integrates with the following CI servers to enable continuous testing:

  • Jenkins
  • Bamboo
  • Team City
  • Circle CI
  • Travis
  • Microsoft VSTS

To learn more about how to integrate your automated tests with your CI Server, read our whitepaper How To Get The Most Out Of Your CI/CD Workflow Using Automated Testing.