Automated Testing

Speed your way to agile and CI with automated testing

Testing is a vital part of any continuous integration (CI) development workflow. Ensuring that your testing grid is up-to-date with the latest browser and OS versions takes time away from core development and innovation. However, sacrificing testing and allowing your app to be released with errors means that users are likely to be frustrated with your service and switch to a competitor. With Sauce Labs, you can get automated app testing for any app, with any size testing volume, to dramatically decrease your time-to-market and ensure that your app is bug-free.

Sauce Labs is an innovator in cloud-based app testing, running over a million mobile and web app tests every day . Our VMs, pre-loaded with hundreds of individual OS/browser combos, are wiped clean after every test to ensure no data contamination. We run automated tests concurrently to drastically reduce your testing time. With Selenium and Appium, you can write your app in any popular coding language you desire, and we can handle the testing.

Why is Sauce Labs the best option for your automated app testing?

  • Speed - parallel testing drastically speeds your testing buy up to 10x
  • Complete results - get a complete report of all your testing runs with videos, console logs, screenshots, and metadata
  • Security - deleted VMs and secure firewall tunneling, ensures the safety of your data

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