Automated Javascript Unit Testing

Run Automated Unit Tests Across Real Browsers to Make Sure Your JavaScript Works in Any Environment

One of the most important steps involved in testing JavaScript is running unit tests across a variety of browsers to make sure it works for all of your users, in whatever OS/browser combo they may be running. Nothing frustrates your users than when your app hangs or freezes, so testing on a wide variety of environments is vital. Since manual testing would take far too much time, you need to automate your testing, but maintaining a testing grid, especially at scale, is expensive. Let Sauce Labs handle the hassle for you with their automated JavaScript unit testing in the cloud.

Sauce Labs runs over a million tests per day, so testing at scale isn't a problem. Our VMs are destroyed after every run to ensure that your data is never exposed to future sessions, and because they are in the cloud there is no need for updating browser versions or for additional provisioning. You can use any JavaScript unit testing framework since we have integrations for Jasmine, QUnit, Mocha, and YUI.

Why choose Sauce Labs for your Javascript unit testing?

  • Coverage - with over 700 browser/ OS combos to test on, you know your code will work
  • Security - using pristine VMs and Sauce Connect, our secure TLS technology, ensures the security of your data
  • Speed - get your unit testing done quickly with concurrent testing in the cloud

Start your JavaScript unit testing today with a free trial!