Automated Functional Testing

Speed Up Functional Tests

Selenium is one of the most widely used open source platforms for test automation. Since Selenium has bindings for most scripting languages, you can write your test scripts in any language that you are most familiar with including JavaScript, Ruby, .NET, or even higher-level languages like Cucumber.

Sauce Labs was started by the founders of Selenium so we deploy the latest updates and have the most experience running a Selenium cloud so you can be sure your tests will complete quickly, securely and with no false positives. Sauce spins up a pristine new VM for every test so there are never any residual customer data or temp files from previous runs that might impact your results.

Sauce Labs’ secure, reliable, CI-ready testing platform enables users to run functional tests written with Selenium. With Sauce labs, you can run tests across more than 700 device and platform combinations - in parallel - without incurring the cost of setting up or maintaining an internal test infrastructure.

The Sauce Labs advantage offers:

  • Instant access to our highly-reliable, scalable, and secure automated testing platform.
  • Over 700 browser and OS combinations to choose from so you can be sure you are testing your apps on the browsers your customers use.
  • Eliminate costs of setting-up and maintenance an internal grid test infrastructure with on-demand access to our cloud platform.

Sauce Labs’ highly cost-efficient, scalable, and instantly available test cloud supports parallelization that reduces testing time so you can get your apps to market faster. Sign up for a free trial today.