Automated Browser Testing

Automate Your App Testing on All the Popular Browsers

Is testing your mobile and web apps the most time-consuming part of your development process? From the developers to the designers to the quality control engineer - it's imperative that you understand how your app will render on all your users' devices. Whether your problem is the cost of maintaining an in-house testing grid, or the time it takes to manually test your apps, testing your apps on all the possible browser/OS combos isn't always a feasible option. What you need is a testing platform that is always available, fast, secure, and stocked with all the OS and browser combinations you need.

Sauce Labs provides a cloud-based, secure, CI-ready testing platform to easily run Selenium or Appium based tests for any web or mobile app. With over 700 different browser/OS configurations, you can run tests in parallel on all of your web and mobile apps without the need to set up or maintain an in-house testing infrastructure.

The Sauce Labs advantage includes:

  • No infrastructure - We've done all the set-up and maintenance for our on-demand VMs, emulators, and simulators
  • Immediate access - Our cloud-based automated testing grid is highly-reliable, scalable, and secure
  • Complete security - Sauce Connect secure firewall tunneling ensures your apps and data are never compromised
  • Reduced testing time - Set-up parallel testing on multiple VMs to drastically cut testing time
  • No false positives - Pristine VMs and the most up-to-date OS and browser versions ensure accurate test results

Get started with your automated browser testing with Sauce Labs with a free trial today!