Automated App Testing

Fast, Automated, Cloud-based App Testing is Here to Stay

Testing is an integral part of any continuous integration (CI) development workflow. Whether web, mobile, or hybrid, your app needs to work, error-free, on any users system. However, manual testing takes time and slows your release process down. Automated testing is absolutely necessary to achieve CI in an agile workflow. However, maintaining your own internal automated testing grid is not what you should be spending your valuable time on. Sauce Labs is the leader in automated Selenium and Appium testing in the cloud. Offload your testing to Sauce Labs and see how quickly your tests can run in our cloud.

Sauce Labs is the innovator in cloud-based testing, running over a million tests every day . Our VMs, stocked with hundreds of different OS/browser combos, are destroyed after every test to ensure no false positives sneak in. We run automated tests concurrently to dramatically reduce your testing time. With Appium and Selenium, you can write your app in any language you want, and we can handle the testing.

Why is Sauce Labs your best option for automated app testing?

  • Speed - parallel testing dramatically reduces testing time
  • Security - clean VMs and secure firewall tunneling, ensures data security
  • Complete results - get a comprehensive report of your testing run with videos, screenshots, console logs, and metadata

Start your automated app testing today with a free, 14-day trial!