Application Testing

Rigorous Testing to Deliver Quality Apps

To stay competitive, businesses need to provide high-quality software that is error free and renders fast. Rigorous functional and regression testing is needed to ensure it is bug free.  Even more, you need to test frequently during the dev and release cycle to ensure your code continues to be bug free.   Sauce Labs offers a cloud-based application testing solution that reduces testing time. Run Selenium tests in parallel and reduce your testing time from 8 hours to just 30 minutes like our customer Zillow has done.

Gain the Sauce Labs advantage.

  • Scale easily to boost capacity, speed up test cycles - without the hassle of managing infrastructure
  • Mobile and Web app testing on the same cloud using Appium and Selenium
  • Automate testing of your app easily across over 700 OS/browser combinations
  • Test securely in the cloud using SSL tunnel with Sauce Connect

By running tests parallel on Sauce Labs, you can keep your build quick without sacrificing coverage. Want to try Sauce labs? Sign up today for a free trial.