Appium Tutorial

Appium Tutorials from Sauce Labs

Appium is an open-source framework designed to automate testing of mobile apps. Just like the Selenium WebDriver - which is an open-source tool used to automate web browsers - Appium is an automation library used to drive your mobile applications, and even the web browser within the mobile simulator, emulator or real device. Appium automates gestures, tapping, rotating devices and inputting text so you can easily test all these functions.

Appium is a recent technology, but one that Sauce Labs supports via our many contributions. As one of the leaders in the Appium development community, Sauce Labs has not only made substantial contributions to the open-source project, but has developed some of the most comprehensive tutorials and training materials for Appium, including our very popular Appium Bootcamp guide, developed by Dave Haeffner and Matthew Edwards, available on both the Sauce Labs Cookbook wiki and as a PDF.

With Appium tutorials from Sauce Labs, you get:

  • Guidance and best practices from leading Appium experts
  • Simple examples that you can run locally or on Sauce Labs
  • A comprehensive overview of working with Appium for both hybrid and native mobile applications

Be sure to check out our Appium tutorials for more complete information!