Appium Testing Framework

Appium Testing Framework

Testing mobile apps manually is a painful process. To release your apps quickly you need to speed your testing and that is where Appium comes in. Appium is the open source framework (based on Selenium) that automates mobile testing. It is designed to automate gestures that make mobile apps great - swiping, pinching tapping and filling in forms.  There is a huge community devoted to Appium and they have helped drive this to be the de-facto standard for mobile testing.  Simply develop your test scripts in your favorite language (like Selenium, Appium has bindings to all the popular languages) and start running tests. .

This is where Sauce Labs comes in. We have over 80 mobile simulators and emulators and deep selection of real devices to test on in the cloud.  You write tests, point them at our cloud and run them in parallel to accelerate your tests by 10x.  The result is you don't need to maintain mobile devices to test on. Your tests are more consistent since we spin up new simulators for each test or clean our real devices. And, as the experts in Appium and Selenium, our error rates are the lowest in the industry so you save significant time by not rerunning tests.

With Sauce Labs you get:

  • Pure Appium - we support / help develop the stable version of Appium with no proprietary extensions
  • Over 80 iOS simulators and Android emulators all spun up on demand
  • A deep selection of real iOS and Android devices 
  • Test native, hybrid and mobile web apps

Get the guide NOW and see how Saucelabs and testing with Appium can work for you.