Appium Testing

Testing with Appium 

Modern companies rely more and more on their mobile apps for day to day business. In fact, many businesses say that more than 50% of their sales come via a mobile device. As a result your mobile app needs to work perfectly across a wide variety of mobile devices.  However, manually testing apps on phones and tablets is slow and error prone.  This is where Appium comes in.  Appium is the open source standard for automating testing of native, hybrid and mobile web apps on devices. It creates all the gestures that you would use on a phone: pinching, swiping, tapping etc, so you can automate these and speed your testing.

Sauce Labs operates the world's largest cloud for Appium and Selenium tests.  We have over 80 mobile simulators and emulators along with a deep selection of mobile devices on which to test your apps.  With Appium you can run your tests across multiple devices and OSes in parallel and accelerate your tests by up to 10x. 

Run your Appium tests on Sauce Labs:

  • Over 80 mobile emulators and simulators
  • A deep selection of real mobile devices 
  • We encrypt your test commands so your can test securely on our cloud

 Get started with Sauce today and learn how Appium Testing is right for you.