Appium Mobile Testing

Appium Mobile Testing

Appium mobile testing is a tool that makes it easy to write functional tests to automate iOS and Android mobile apps. Appium has become the open source standard for automating mobile testing.  Based on Selenium (the w3c standard for web app testing) Appium provides all those commands, gestures and tapping that are unique to mobile devices.  A huge advantage Appium has over other mobile test automation tools is tests can be written in any language that has a Selenium client library, including:

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Node
  • Objective-C 
  • Java

This means you don't have to learn a special language, just develop tests in the language you are familiar with so you can be efficient.  And, since Appium tests run across both iOS and Android, you can run your tests across the devices that your users are likely to have.  

Sauce Labs has the world's largest cloud for running Appium and Selenium tests.  We run over one million tests a day across more than 750 browsers, Oses, mobile emulators and real devices.  

Team up with Sauce: we promote the running of tests on mobile apps and sites with Appium. To learn more, download the white paper, today!