Appium Best Practices

Best Practices for Application Testing with Appium

Appium is an API for automating user interactions with native and hybrid mobile applications in Android and iOS, such as entering information in form fields, clicking buttons, and simulating gestures such as swipes. Appium is used for the functional testing of mobile applications, and is the emerging technology standard for mobile functional testing. Appium is an open-source technology, but many of the leading contributors to the project are members of the Engineering staff at Sauce Labs. Sauce Labs provides Appium testing environments, including emulators, simulators, and real devices, that you can use to test your mobile applications.

Because of its strong relationship to the Appium development and user community, Sauce Labs is able to provide some of the best information and training you need to get started with Appium, including best practices. Our basic Appium guide, "Appium Bootcamp," written by automated testing experts Dave Haeffner and Matthew Edwards, will introduce you all you need to know to get started with Appium, including:

  • Setting up a local Appium environment
  • Examples of Appium scripts for testing both iOS and Android applications
  • Best practices for writing robust, reliable, and speedy tests

Download "Appium Bootcamp" now to get started with Appium testing and accelerate your development process!