Appium Android Tutorial

Learning how to test Android applications with Appium and Sauce Labs

Appium is an open-source tool that you can use to automate your mobile applications for testing. Just like the open source Selenium WebDriver, Appium is an automation library used to drive your native and web mobile applications on a mobile simulator, emulator or real device. For an in-depth explanation of what Appium is, how it works and the various technologies used to make Appium work, visit the Appium Documentation.

You can use Appium to test mobile applications for both Android and iOS. While the Appium test scripts for both platforms are largely the same, with the major difference being the driver that you specify for the test to use, there are also some differences in how to set up your testing environment for these platforms. Learning how to use Appium to test your Android applications can greatly decrease the amount of time you need for testing, and accelerate your entire deployment process.

Sauce Labs is a leader in the field of Appium and mobile application testing, with some of the leading contributors to the open source project as members of our staff. Learning Appium from Sauce Labs provides you with several benefits:

  • Contributions to our courses, tutorials, and learning materials from some of the leaders in Appium development
  • Clear examples that lead you through the basics of creating an Appium script in your favorite language
  • Sample test scripts that you can run locally or on Sauce Labs
  • Learning Appium from the leader in mobile application testing

For more information, check out our "Getting Started with Appium," which will introduce you to some basic and advanced Appium techniques for testing Android applications.