Appium Android Emulator

Emulator Appium Testing on Android 

For developers, mobile testing requires both real devices and emulators. An emulator is software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system.  An Android emulator is one that allows you to test Android apps on your computer. This simplifies the task of testing a mobile app across a wide variety of devices since you don't need to have all those expensive devices in your hands.  

The beauty of Appium is that it allows you to run native mobile app tests on mobile emulators. Further, Appium allows you to run tests automatically and in parallel so you can execute tests across many different devices in the same time making you much more efficient.  With Appium and emulators, testing results are fast and efficient, allowing the apps to evolve out of the development stages quickly, 

Sauce Labs has a deep selection of Android emulators (and iOS simulators) available in our cloud for testing, instantly. Just point your Appium tests to our cloud and run tests in parallel across a wide variety of devices and see how your apps perform.  We provide analysis tools like full videos of each test so you can quickly see where bugs occur and we make it easy to share results with our one button JIRA feature - it instantly creates a JIRA ticket will all the rich test assets.

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