Appium And Selenium

Manual No More!

Manual testing can be a drag for developers. However, the days of mindlessly clicking through your app are over, thanks to functional test automation! There are a number of frameworks to help automate, but none are more popular than Selenium and Appium. These open source scripting languages can be used to transform what used to be manual tests into automated. They are compatible with any programming language, and can recreate any function your user is capable of. Using these tools, teams of all sizes are increasing their test coverage, and executing more tests on their web and mobile applications.

Selenium, created in 2004, is the industry gold standard for functional testing of web applications. It has a complete library of bindings to work with any programming language, and is open source!

Appium came a few years later, and is moving up in the ranks for testing mobile applications (native, hybrid and mobile web). Built on the same JSON wire protocol, Appium can be used to automate any interaction with your mobile devices, including iOS and Android!

Want to get started with Appium or Selenium? Take a look at our Bootcamp guides to learn more, and start writing tests for your apps.